All our meats are All Natural, No Preservatives, Vegetarian Fed, Antibiotic Free, Growth Hormone Free

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Delivery available to NYC, Nassau and Suffolk County

Delivery will take approximately 90 minutes

Phone: 718-651-5544

Monday – Friday: 12 – 6PM
Saturday: 12-5PM
Sunday: 12-3PM

S. Ottomanelli Supreme Meat Assortment



Serves 45. Consists of:

· 6 Beef Kabobs BBQ Marinated with Vegetables

· 6 Chicken Kabobs Teriyaki Marinated with Vegetables

· 12 Ottomanelli Famous Prime Sirloin Beef Burgers

· 6 Prime Porterhouse Steaks

· 6 Prime New York Strip Steaks

· 6 Prime Skirt Steaks

· 6 Marinated Chicken Cutlets with Honey Teriyaki

· 6 Marinated Chicken Cutlets with Lemon and Pepper

· 12 Homemade Sweet Italian Sausage

· 12 Homemade Hot Italian Sausage


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