What sets S. Ottomanelli apart from other meat companies in New York?

Our family has built a reputation on simple yet strong core values and dedication. S. Ottomanelli seeks the best quality meats (and only the best) for our customers. We consistently offer our customers friendly and courteous service. And although our meat is celebrated for its superior quality, we are always fair with our pricing.

We offer our customers Prime Quality Meats and hard to find Wild Game Meats that most supermarkets and meat retailers don’t carry.

We Serve The Most Elite Customers
“I’ve known Frank Ottomanelli and the Ottomanelli stores for more then 25 years. They are dedicated to bringing their customers only the best quality meats and service. They are reliable and consistent. I highly recommend.”
Guiseppe Cipriani
President, Cipriani USA
“Over 50 years experience with three generations of the Ottomanelli family, as an early supplier and a consistent consumer, I’ve not experienced a more dedicated and consistent commitment to quality and service! Their expertise and care runs an exceptional course as each generation passes the torch to maintain an excellent standard and tradition. An uncommon and unique treasure.”
James Atlanta Ortenzio
Legendary Chairman of The Hudson River Park Trust
“I've known Ottomanelli for years. They’re a New York Institution. The best London Broil I have ever had, including restaurants and steak houses. Try it. The hamburger is a must as well.”
The food network logo
Joe Langhan
Creator and Co-Founder of The Food Network
"Ottomanelli are famous butcher shops from New York City. They are really reputable. I know the family. I have done an Emeril live show in their butcher shop. Their meat is really delicious. When I took Ottomanelli home my family flipped over the Ottomanelli steaks.”
Chef Emeril Lagasse
Chef Emeril Lagasse
"Ottomanelli’s butchers always provide a five-star dining experience at my home"
Chase Backer
Publisher Metropolitan Magazine


Gennaro Ottomanelli left Bari, Italy to seek his fortune selling cured meats from a Greenwich Village pushcart


Onofrio learns the butchering trade from his grandmother in Bari. He returns to New York and with his brother, Joe, opens the first Ottomanelli butcher shop in New York City


Their brother Salvatore arrives from Bari and joins his two brothers in the meat business

Salvatore Ottomanelli


Pop opens shop! For the first time Salvatore Ottomanelli opens butcher shop in Woodside

S. Ottomanelli & Sons vintage sign


The Ottomanelli Family butchers union was formed


Frank Ottomanelli joins the family business

Frank Ottomanelli vintage photo
Ottomanelli butcher vintage 1977


Michael Ottomanelli
takes on a family tradition with a smile

Rolling Onward!
1979 - present

Fresh quality meats serviced on demand!

Ottomanelli senior

“Proud Neighborhood Butcher, Salvatore Ottomanelli”

"In 1900, Gennaro Ottomanelli left Bari, Italy to seek his fortune selling cured meats from a Greenwich Village pushcart. This provided enough income to allow him occasionally to sail back home; sometimes he could even finance the travel of a few family members. Three years after Onofrio, his second son, was born in Manhattan, the boy was brought to his mother's family's farm in Bari. There he learned the butchering trade from his grandmother. In the 1930s, he returned to New York, where he and his brother, Joseph, ran the butcher shop that had supplanted Gennaro's pushcart."
The Historic shops and restaurants of New York
The Historic Shops & Restaurants of New York
Ellen Williams and Steve Radlauer

Delivery & Pickup Hours

Order Ottomanelli’s steaks for delivery to your home in New York City, Nassau and Suffolk County. Delivery will take approximately 90 minutes. 
Phone: 718-651-5544

Delivery Hours

12 – 6PM

12 – 6PM

12 – 6PM

12 – 6PM

12 – 6PM

12 – 5PM

12 – 3PM

Pickup Hours

8AM – 6:30PM

8AM – 6:30PM

8AM – 6:30PM

8AM – 6:30PM

8AM – 7PM

8AM – 5PM

9AM – 3PM

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